Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Inspector Gadget

 Blouse: Zara       Trousers: Topshop       Bag: Urban Outfitters     Shoes: Office

So here is what I wore today to University around 8am. I couldn't sleep so just got up! I would say I probably look quite a lot like inspector gadget here. Excuse my strange 'sun is in my eyes and I've forgotten how to smile' facial expression. My posture I can't make an excuse for, it really is that terrible at times. 

The blouse is from Zara and it's one of my favourites. It's hard to see in the pictures but it's actually a really thin material with little stitching patterns. 

My bag is from Urban Outfitters. The reason is has a key-chain attached is that the bag is actually a really bad design. The strap is attached to the top of the fold over part which then fastens with a flick-up sort of lock. Problem is, if you are like me and tend to cart around your life and more in a bag, when the bag is heavy the strap causes the lock to come open and TA-DA the paradise of a pick-pocker is formed!  Bad Urban Outfitters! Clipping my key-chain onto the lock stops the problem. However, trying to get my purse out with this whole procedure going on makes me unpopular in the supermarket!

Makes me wonder why I even use the bag. But it's not very old and I like to use things until they fall apart and then some more after that! Definitely a horder. 

I am still trying to get the hang of Blogger but I have noticed I now have some followers, how exciting! So hello hello :).



  1. Uh i hate that awkward 'bag moment' in the supermarket! ahh!
    U look lovely darling!

  2. love your look:)

  3. lovely