Friday, 15 April 2011

  Top: Insight Beaded Shrug: Topshop

So I am a big big fan of all things galaxy print and feathers. I actually bought this top on sale in the summer but I think it's fair to say it is definitely my favourite t-shirt! I probably wear it too often.

I haven't been able to drink alcohol for a while now due to persistently getting ill/antibiotics, my immune system has clearly been in some kind of mood with me!  I finally had my first few drinks last night and it hit me badly..  not good for revision, oopsy!  So now i'm feeling very distracted and munching my way through the biggest selection of fruit ever- I went a bit overboard in the shop.  Yum yum! I think it might be time for a wee browse of 'We Heart it'. Most addictive site ever?



  1. 1) Gosh you are such a babe. And I do love that tee on you. When are you getting your permenant feather?

    2) Weheartit is insanely addictive. Never search 'love' on that thing- 2hours later you'll have turned into gooey mush at all the lovely photos.

    Pear, anyone? x

  2. love your outfit

  3. hello!i follow you can you follow me?

  4. that galaxy print looks great on you xxx

  5. Is your hair "ombre" style?? With it lighter at the ends??